What is Cardano Empires

Cardano Empires is a Cardano NFT project, inspired by the greatest empires of all time. Our collection will include soldiers, emperors and Gods from each empire and each one will be unique, having elements of different rarity. Yes! We know collectors love that! We will start with Rome and will soon have announcements of our next empire. Pay attention!

Our Policy ID: 47207b53d4a031fa7d023a8ffd154c8db855c7b42201ff44d3847d4f

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Project planning and Rome design.


Sales machine by website and Rome launch.

Creation of coins to use in the video game to obtain weapons, characters and special equipment.


Design of the next empire. Development Battle Royale Video game.

We started this Project with the illusion of growing together with the ecosystem. Currently our team will participate in the Plutus Pionner Program. Our goal is to develop a Battle Royale video game with which you can use your Cardano Empires NFTs. We appreciate your support and all suggestions are welcome.

Sincerely: Cardano Empires Team

About us


Artist with a taste for experimenting with different styles and media. Always attracted to esoteric themes and symbolism. I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies in 2017 and the world of NFTs in October 2019. Currently an active member of The Guild NFT and Colectivo Opuntia.

Toni "Sargatxet"

Operator of the SARGA pool in Cardano and Waves. Computer technical engineer, systems analyst, developer, and fervent defender of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

IrvG "NFT collector"

Entrepreneur and project builder.
Cardano is the best thing that could have happened to the crypto ecosystem.


Web dev, passionate about web, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.


Video games programmer and developer, desiring to show that cryptocurrencies can be fun. Oh, and I love dogs and cats..


Video games designer, cat lover and technology supporter.
Always thinking how to make everything funnier.